Dehn al Oud Maliki Soofi (Purest Grade)


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Dehn al Oud Maliki Soofi is a purest and most luxurious Oud (oudh) available anywhere in the world. It is very rich and comes directly from the trees of Assam. (Al Hind or Hindi) hand crafted over a long period of time. Our Oudh Soofi is of a very high quality grade, pure and natural with maturity level of more than 15 years.

This is a Maliki Soofi Oud and our suppliers inform us that this rare oud is more than 15 years old. The older the oud the better and mature it becomes. The Oudh is very dark, very rich and very very long lasting. It’s known as the liquid gold.

We only have 6 x 3ml and 3 x 6ml and 2 x 12ml bottles in stock available in the UK.

Oud Perfumes UK

The fragrance begins with strong notes and becomes more and more fruity. This beautiful fragrance is also known as the “Scent of Life.”

Agarwood, also known as Oud is a dark aromatic resin that the Agarwood tree produces which is used in perfumes.

Oud wood and its perfume oils have been passed down by our forefathers for many generations. Thus, we pride ourselves in reviving that age-old tradition by introducing the luxurious, high quality Oud (or also known as oudh, Arabian oud or Agarwood, oud perfume or oud scent) to the Western world. We not only believe that the creation of Oud oils is a fascinating and intricate art, we believe the Oud itself is a timeless scent that uplifts those who use it.

We at Opulent Perfumes believe that pure perfumes are classic and precious. We find it fascinating how certain scents can make one reminiscent of old memories and hope to invoke thoughts of the past with every drop of Oud.

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