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Aventus refill for a square bottle. Doesn’t come in a square bottle but in a small bottle.

Aventus is the special Men's fragrance which fresh and citrusy and is one of our top sellers which will capture the senses (Some say its like Creed Aventus but in pure form). Perfect for the summer and winter months alike. Unlike eau de toilette and eau de parfum sprays that are diluted with alcohol and water.

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The Aventus is the pure Perfume Oil and 100 percent pure fragrance. You can use less and enjoy more pronounced fragrance that will stay on your skin throughout the day.

Order now and experience this wonderful perfume for yourself.

Looking for that SPECIAL gift?

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and housewarmings are all occasions that require that SPECIAL gift. Are you looking for that perfect something for a loved one or a friend? Or is there a perfect place in your home which requires that special something to give it that final sophisticated look?

Something VERY SPECIAL Just for you

We have created something unique and dazzling which will bring you that something special to your home and bring a smile to the one who receives it from you. It is the stunning Opulent Crystal perfume bottle cut from a high quality K9 crystal glass. Let your living room speak volumes about your refined taste with the beautiful K9 Opulent Crystal bottle. Our Opulent Crystal adds a touch of elegance to any setting. You can also fill it up with your favourite perfume and it can sit elegantly on your dressing table. This beautiful and useful bottle features a shimmering Crystal perfume bottle has an elegant petite curved shaped designed base with a Gold neck and a fine Glass deeper. You can choose from our 5 beautiful shapes and designs which are specially developed for your home.

Notes: Fresh, Citrusy, Musky

Also available in 6ml, 12ml Clear and Premium Bottles or request a FREE scent card sample.

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