Sensual Oud

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Oud is one of the rarest of scents, and you won't find it in a purer, more pleasing form anywhere else than at Opulent Perfumes with our Sensual Oud. Our oriental perfume oil brings to life the extraordinarily unique scent of Oud, combining it with rose, patchouli and warm spices, sensual woody aromas. A unique scent.

Oud Perfume UK

One of our premium fragrances among men and women alike, Sensual Oud (similar to Gucci Oud / Rush) is a potent oil that is not diluted with water and alcohol like Oud sprays. This gives you a much stronger, long lasting perfume to enjoy for day or night wear.

Notes: Oud, Roses, Warm Spices

Available in 6ml, 12ml Bottles or request a FREE scent card sample.

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