Dehn al Oud Cambodi


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Dehn al Oud Cambodi is a rare pure oud (oudh) from the trees of Cambodia. It is of a very high quality and pure. The fragrance begins with strong notes and becomes more and more fruity and sweet. It comes in a beautiful Opulent Perfumes box.

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Agarwood, also known as oud is a dark aromatic resin that the Agarwood tree produces which is used in perfumes.

Oud wood and its perfume oils have been passed down by our forefathers for many generations. Thus, we pride ourselves in reviving that age-old tradition by introducing the luxurious, high quality Oud (or also known as oudh, Arabian oud or agarwood, oud perfume or oud scent) to the Western world.

We not only believe that the creation of Oud oils is a fascinating and intricate art, we believe the Oud itself is a timeless scent that uplifts those who use it.

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