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Luxury Arabian OudFor centuries, Oud perfume oils have been loved by men and women due to their exotic scent that is unlike anything in this world. Now, you can experience this remarkable luxury fragrance for yourself from our distinguished Oud CollectionWe at Opulent Perfumes believe that pure perfumes are classic and precious. We find it fascinating how certain scents can make one reminiscent of old memories and hope to invoke thoughts of the past with every drop of Oud. We pride ourselves in reviving that age-old tradition by introducing the luxurious, high quality Oud (oudh). We not only believe that the creation of Oud oils is a fascinating and intricate art, we believe the Oud itself is a timeless scent that uplifts those who use it.







Our handcrafted Arabian Oud makes a powerful impression without every coming on too strong, and it's the perfect choice of fragrance for day or night. Oud is one of the rarest of scents, and you won't find it in a purer, more pleasing form anywhere else than at Opulent Perfumes in London and Birmingham.

Our exotic perfume oil brings to life the extraordinarily unique scent of Oud, combining it with rose and jasmine floral notes, spicy saffron, sensual sandalwood and earthy wood aromas.

This gives you a much stronger, long lasting perfume to enjoy for day or night wear.

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