About us

Here at Opulent Perfumes, we believe that pure perfume oils are timeless, fascinating and uplifting. We believe scents have the ability to invoke past memories and hopefully you remind you of the pleasant days gone by with our perfumes. Based out of London, our site, OpulentPerfumes.com, was one of the first online stores available for perfumes, opening in 2008. We quickly established ourselves in the UK and Europe as a retailer of quality Oud, musk and fragrance oils and have been a trusted company ever since.

In recent years, Opulent Perfumes has continued striving to source organic, natural and pure perfumes, made to the highest quality standards. Toward the end of 2013, we decided to relaunch as a new brand that specializes in pure Oud and Arabian perfume oils and scents. During 2014 and 2015, we operated this brand out of Luton and Watford. It was on 29 September 2015 that we opened our flagship kiosk at Grand Central Birmingham, and in November 2015 another Kiosk was opened in Westfield London, in Shepherds Bush.

Opulent Perfumes believes in a transparent and long-term business approach with our valued customers and provide only the highest quality products and customer service because of it.

As pure, organic Oud (oudh) is at risk of extinction, Opulent Perfumes strives for sustainability and supports new plantation of natural Oud trees. By taking responsibility, we help ensure that the rare jewel of Oud will remain with us for generations to come.

We aim to stay well connected with our customers by using social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Through these mediums, we encourage you to offer us your feedback and honest reviews about our products. Opulent Perfumes is operated by Oudh Company Ltd.