Franchise Opportunity

We established the brand in 2008 and established as a leading brand for high quality perfumes and perfume oils.

We have been overwhelmed with enquires about Franchise Opportunity who wish to invest in the success of the brand. Now you can email us directly to apply  to acquire Opulent Perfumes Franchise.

If you are successful we will offer the following:

1. Advice and constant Guidance 

We will ensure you are established well, choose a good location and would offer any support throughout until you are well established.

2. Minimal invest - Quick returns

With our Franchise Opportunity Model we offer you minimal investment which will ensure that you have quick return of investment.

3. Luxury design and products

We will ensure you receive the luxury products and quality design along with full marketing support.

4. Brest Location

The following are the ideal location we wish to work with new partners where we have seen huge growth: London, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff.


Contact us to setup an initial phone-call and to apply.

Email to